I decided to start this blog because I wanted to share my analyses and thoughts in connection with MBTI typology. You can find six types of posts so far, which you can find in the sidebar menu—’Result of my Thinking Time’, ‘Typing Characters’, ‘Typing People’, ‘Personal experiences with Types’, ‘Dynamics’ and ‘Other’ are the names you want to look for.

You can find me under the name ‘Occam’s Chainsaw’. I opted to use this because the philosophical principle called ‘Occam’s Razor’ is very much true for me. (According to it, you should say everything in the easiest way. It is practically the philosophical drafting of my ‘never use a hundred words if you can use just two’-principle.) To emphasize this fact, I chose to use chainsaw instead of razor.

You are welcome to add comments or send me questions either here or here.

Here I am adding a list to the posts I have published so far.

Typing Characters:

Typing People:

Result of my Thinking Time:

Personal experiences with Types:



Maybe another category is coming. I still have to consider whether it’s a worthy idea or not.


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